Plant Food

100% Natural | GMO Free | Allergen Free | Vegan | Sustainably Sourced

KOLA Brand Plant Food is 100% pure ocean minerals extracted from the west coast of Vancouver Island. Over 70 minerals, elements, and macronutrients essential for total plant health are contained within. KOLA Brand Plant Food is a biostimulant (not a fertilizer) with an NPK rating of 0-0-0. KOLA Brand Plant Food acts on a plant’s cellular process, improving strength, nutrition uptake, and drought resistance. KOLA Brand Plant Food raises the pH of the water, soil, or other medium it is added to.

KOLA Brand Plant Food is non-toxic and contains no added chemicals or preservatives. Because this product has not been sterilized or extensively filtered, this product is not recommended or intended for human consumption. KOLA Brand Plant Food is inductive sealed to prevent contamination or leakage during transport.

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